5 Best French Patisseries in New York

So, what do we know about the French? They practically ruled the world at one point in time; they also invented democracy – which is pretty cool! And that’s not all, the French are also known for the culinary skills as well, and mainly those skills that cater to your sweet tooth. It is true that when you crave for something sweet, nothing can take the place of delicious French patisseries. If you happen to be visiting New York any time soon, these are the patisseries where you will get a taste of Paris at this side of the Pacific.

French patisseries

by Sun Brockie


1. Laduree Soho

Known as the global benchmark for macarons, Laduree is the best in the business of baking, which is why the global purveyor made headlines when it opened its doors in Soho. Apart from the excellent French pastries which are all made in-house, Laduree Soho, obviously, also offers some of the best macarons in New York, which are flown in straight from Monaco. Talk about fine dining! If you’re looking for something really French, then give the very light and flavorful macaron a try.

2. Colson Patisserie

Colson Patisserie is located between 7th Ave and 6th Ave Park Slope. It’s safe to say that this bakery serves some of the best croissants, cookies, éclairs and tarts in New York City. Friendly staff and sweet treats that are fresh and delicious, this is the one place where you will get to taste the original French-style patisserie, since most of the staff here is French. Colson Patisserie is also famous for its coffee, and probably has the best hot chocolate in town. Although the place is small, it’s cozy and has some pretty cool artwork on display which complements the cool, laidback ambiance.

Lafayette Bakery

by Bex Walton


3. Lafayette Bakery

When it comes to visually striking patisseries in New York City, one name that definitely stands out is Lafayette Bakery. Upon entering the bakery, you will find tall vaulted ceilings along with rustic wooden racks housing delicious baguettes. The patisserie is famous for their three very different selections of sweets. Lafayette is especially known for their superb banana chocolate coconut croissant. Here, you will also get to sink your teeth into some delicious pastries baked by famous pastry chef Jennifer Yee who has developed quite a following among pastry enthusiasts in New York City.

4. Ceci-Cela


Located at 55 Spring St., Soho, this patisserie is famous for their croissants, the most famous one being their mouth watering chocolate croissant which is full of flaky goodness. The space is very old-school, all wood and brick, with classic French music playing in the background. But, the pastries they serve are a hit, and the latte that the patisserie offers is not bad either.

5. Francois Payard Bakery and Payard Patisserie

Also famously known for their éclairs, tarts, croissants, and just about anything chocolate, Francois Payard bakery and Payard Patisserie is where you will find high-end French goodies. At this patisserie, chocolate lovers will find themselves in heaven. While you’re there, try out one of Payard’s most popular pastries, the classic Louvre. And don’t forget the delectable viennoiserie items as well.


In the past decade, we have witnessed a kind of renaissance in the French patisseries of NYC. Now you can find more patisseries serving better baked goodies, along with other sweet delights, which have been injected with some much needed French excitement. So, the next time you’re in town, don’t forget to stop by at one of the aforementioned New York City patisseries to get a taste of the finest French-style baking.

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