5 Best Dance Clubs in New York City

There are many forms of “nightlife,” but for New Yorkers who want to let off a bit of steam after the daily grind, there’s no place like the city’s mega dance clubs. There’s no doubt that The Big Apple has the best night scene in the world. But, with the multitude of options, each better, larger and louder than the last, one wonders which dance clubs are actually worth partying in. Well, to make your lives easier, here’s a list of the best and most booze-soaked dance clubs in New York City.


dance club nyc

  1. Marquee

If you’re looking for the OG New York club experience, then Marquee should be number one on your ‘things-to-do’ list. The remodeled space opened its doors a few years ago, added a funky disco ball and has become the staple for New York clubbers ever since. The club also features a huge LED wall along with, what sounds like a very expensive sound system that just adds to the snazzy vibe of this dance club.

Marquee New York
289 10th Ave.
New York, NY 10001


  1. Output

Those who call themselves diehard techno and house fans will tell you stories about Output. Located at Williamsburg, Output is one of the places where you will get to experience a nightlife similar to that in one of the mega clubs of Berlin. Here you won’t find large bouncers who won’t open the doors that easy. Output offers some of the best music, lighting and the overall clubbing experience along with great bottle service and a swanky interior which makes this night spot a world class destination for hipsters in New York City.

74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn
NY 11249

nightclub nyc


  1. Bossa Nova Civic Club

In an area somewhat unassuming like Bushwick there is a hidden secret that’s about to be exposed (not that it wasn’t famous before this!). The Bossa Nova Civic Club has been modeled loosely after some of the famous watering holes of Miami. Here you will find some of the country’s notable DJs show off their skills and keep the blood pumping through the veins of hundreds of clubbers on a nightly basis. And that’s not all; this black and white floor boite also features Florida-style cocktails such as, the La Mayimba, which is a concoction of jalapeno infused lime, honey, tequila and cinnamon.

Bossa Nova Civic Club
1271 Myrtle Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11221


  1. Santos Party House

This club belongs to New York’s party prince Andrew W.K., and is everything you would want a dance club to be. Santo’s Party House is two full floors of dance mayhem, with a genre-bending roster of every sound you could put your minds around. $5 will get you access to this dance meets art scene and if you’re lucky enough, even the semi-regular Sunday Party, 718 Sessions.

Santos Party House
96 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10013


  1. Cielo

For those who can’t do without the deafening sound of high energy beats on weekends, Cielo offers just that. Be ready to hear some of the funkiest techno house DJs putting their kung fu to good use on the Funktion One, a massively powerful sound system. Run by the owners of Output, another famous dance club of New York City, Cielo knows how to show the pumped up crowd a good time.

18 Little W 12th St.
New York, NY 10014


Ending Note

Dance clubs in New York City are just like snowflakes, each one is different, while the city’s club scene has changed rapidly, there are a few that have stayed true to their roots and still remain fresh for clubbers. The aforementioned dance clubs are considered as the chicest and sexiest in New York City.

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