4 Places to See Spring Bloom in NYC 2015

Ah, spring! It’s different all across the globe. In some places, it gives a break from the insane cold in favor of intense humidity; in others, it doesn’t matter. But, for New York City, this season is the time when new plants spring up and covers the city in colorful hues, making New Yorkers realize why NYC is the greatest place to live in. If you’re new to the Big Apple, here are some of the places where you will get to see spring in full swing.

nyc cemetery spring

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn NYC
image: David Berkowitz

 Cemeteries in New York City

OK, so this does sound somewhat funereal, but the truth is that cemeteries are the one place where there is space for nature to thrive. This spring, make your way to Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx and be in awe of the tree lined drives, the rolling hills and the beautiful wild flowers which are spread across the 478-acre cemetery. While you’re at it, you can also pay your respects to some of the famous people resting there, such as, Herman Melville, the Duke of Ellington and other stiffs.

prospect park brooklyn nyc

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NYC
Image by GK tramrunner229 via Wikimedia Commons

Nature Preserves

While the gardens and parks offer a more curated experience for New Yorkers, the nature preserves offer sights that are unbeatable when it comes to flowers blooming in spring, without any aid from a human hand. Surprisingly, most New York residents aren’t even aware that the city is home to 51 preserved areas that are spread across the five boroughs. Two well-known names that spring to mind when it comes to these preserves are the Shorakapok Preserve at Inwood Hill Park, and the Van Cortlandt Park Preserve in the Bronx.

Roosevelt Island Community Garden, NYC

Roosevelt Island Community Garden, NYC
By Shinya Suzuki via Wikimedia Commons

Community Gardens

With over 600 community gardens spread across the city, there is no dearth of greenery for residents of New York. And while some are just big enough to fill a hand full of people, others are large enough to spend most of the day in. You will find most of the community gardens concentrated around Brooklyn, Queens, as well as the lower East Side and East Harlem. But, you should start off with Clinton Community Garden in Hell’s Kitchen and the Westside Community Garden between Amsterdam and Columbus avenues.

High Line Park

High Line is one of the more famous places in New York where people go to soak up the sun and view the beautiful flowers as they come out to bloom during spring. The elevated park runs on the abandoned rail tracks which stretch from West 34th Street at West Midtown to Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District.

Ending Note

New York City is usually known for its miles of concrete and cloud piercing skyscrapers, but it’s also quite lovely during spring. And the destinations mentioned above are proof that NYC is a place of world-class beauty.

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