23 Reasons to Love NYC

New York City, fondly known as the Big Apple, is the only city that anyone searching for the American dream looks towards. The gigantic 500-square-mile city is made up of five boroughs, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and The Bronx. New York City has served as the main port of entry and has impacted the United States, and the world with its cultural and economic influence. Today, the city is home to millions of people, making it one of the most important urban locations in America.

Contrary to popular belief, New York City is not known for its hot dogs, taxis and immigrants, so here are 23 reasons why you should take a bite of the Big Apple. You know you want to!


Reasons to Love NYC 123

1.    We love our Bars

With over 2600 bars, over 200 of which are located at East Bridge alone, drinking is like breathing in New York City, or at least more legit. And that’s not all. Because you’re in New York City baby, and we know how to love you… with our bars that are open till 4 in the am. Not that boozing is condoned in the great NYC, but hey, it’s a free country right! So we cater to all tastes, even that of the post 2-am crowd. Oh bloody hell, London, it’s 11pm! Go back to bed already!!

2.    Home of the most Iconic Skyline

While Dubai might have the honor of having the world’s tallest building, it doesn’t compare to the most iconic skyline in the world. When people picture New York City, the image of cloud piercing skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan is what they see. And even with the absence of New York’s famous twin towers, the city has managed to keep its “skyscraper” supremacy, a word which originated from the fabled Gotham City, also inspired by NYC. Take that Dubai!

manhattan skyline

credit: Global Jet

3.    Home of the Manhattan Cocktail

Since we’re discussing the fine topic of booze here’s another one. The famous Manhattan cocktail was invented here in New York City. Whether it was Dr. Ian Marshall who invented this concoction, or some guy named Black at the Soho lounge, we don’t care. What we do care about is the fact is that many places around the world have tried to replicate the magic of the Manhattan cocktail, and guess what… they all suck! When it comes to the Manhattan Cocktail, only the watering holes of NYC can hose you down with a Manhattan.

4.    Oh, and we Live longer too!

Okay, so life in the Big Apple is hectic you say. What was that?? A fast food joint is as common as a man and woman in New York! Well, guess what, the world’s greatest NYC is also home to the country’s third oldest person who was born in the… wait for it ….19th century. And according to our calculator, that was a long time ago. Oh, so you’re not a believer huh. Well, in 2010, NYC’s life expectancy during birth topped off at 80 years, and that’s after getting a job, dodging traffic, and eating out at all those fast food joints.

5.    Hello, the Birthplace of Hip Hop

While there’s no hip hop hall of fame, yet. The birthplace of hip hop can be traced back to one place. You guessed it, New York City. And we have proof too. The record room of 1530 Sedgwick Avenue is where MC Coke La Rock mashed up sick beats nearly 40 years ago. New York City has played a huge part in the rap evolution which started off at its boroughs. From Big Daddy Kane to Run DMC and the kingpin Notorious BIG, New York City still dominates the hip hop front with the likes of LL Cool J, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj who continue to top the charts.

6.    All the People in the House say Yeah!

A sign of great awesomeness is the LGBT scene. And nobody does it better than New York City. Whether it’s the Rebel Cupcake, or the Scissor Sundays, New York City’ LGBT scene draws crowds from all points of the gender spectrum, which means you better brace yourself for one wild night, son. Because in New York City, we embrace it, shake it, and celebrate it!

7.    Bands Blow Up… Literally

No, we don’t mean as in “BOOM, hey where the fu*K are the 70 virgins.” Not to burst your everlasting happiness bubble, but New York City is known for its underground music scene. And its takes no time for bands in scrappy outfits to get from a dingy DIY space at the Glasslands to the Bowery Ballroom, often referred to the first circle to heaven by rock bands. So, why does this happen at NYC? Part of it is due to the city being the first stop for foreign bands and the CMJ Music Festival. Check it out in October and experience the electrifying performance of what could be the next big thing.

8.    Home of the Musicals

Like you didn’t see this one comin’. Stand at the corner of Times Square, what do you see? Billboard after billboard of musicals, good ones and bad, New York City is home of the musicals. And we’ve come a long way from “The Black Crook” too. For the ignorant, that happens to be the world’s first musical which debuted back in the good ol’ days of 1866.


credit: Broadway Tour

The theatres of New York City has a proud tradition of showcasing some of the world’s most beloved and celebrated musical plays that the world has ever seen. Sure many of them have been imported from foreign shores. (But, it’s not like we called them!). Besides, there is a reason why Broadway is called the Mecca of musicals.

9.    The Streets of Manhattan

When legendary street photographer, Joel Meyerowitz was asked about capturing New York City, and more specifically Manhattan in celluloid, here’s what he had to say, “The streets of Manhattan run for miles on end and along with it so does the energy on the street. And when one takes part in that you automatically become a part of the energetic dimension of life on the streets of New York”. Nuff Said.

10.    The power of Pizza (Our Pizza!)

The one thing that united hapless millions around the world has got to be Pizza. And New York City is known for attracting the rich and famous, die hard locals, tourists and even heads of state with its famous tomato sauce and blanket of hot Creamy mozzarella spread over a scorched base. The first pizzas started rolling out from a pizzeria founded by the grand master Gennaro Lombardi himself back in 1905, and they’ve never looked back. Some say that the city’s very fabric is made up of the molten hot crust of the slice. Maybe that’s going too far, but hey, we’ll take it!

free pizza ny

And Even More Reasons to Love NYC

11. It takes about seventy-five thousand trees to print a single Sunday edition of the famous New York Times. And, it’s totally worth it.

12. 25% of the world’s gold bullion is locked up 80 feet below the Federal Reserve Bank, located at the famous Wall Street.

13. It’s perfectly legal for women to go topless in public. Provided their not hookers. Oh yeaahh!

14. Own a piece of the Big Apple. For $50 you can stick your name on your building in the 9,335-square-foot scale replica of the city, located at the Queens Museum of Art.

15. The only place where you can see A-list comics almost every night.

16. New York City is home to both the writers residential capital aka Brooklyn and the publishing capital aka Manhattan. How cool is that!

17. Jean-Luc Picard is just another New Yorker.

18. We invent stuff. Case in point; Gelatin, Scrabble, and Air-conditioning, not to mention Foursquare.

19. Other cities copy us.

20. Experience world class performances during the summer without spending a dime (it would be a lot more expensive if you had to).

21. The Bell House, Parkside Lounge and Le Poisson Rouge are places where nerds feel at home.

22. Our subway runs 24/7 and has some great performance art.

23. While other claims to serve the best coffee (we doubt it!) New Yorkers drink the most coffee (without a doubt!).

Ending Note

It is without a doubt that New York City is the greatest city on the planet, pure culture on steroids and possibly, the center of the universe. And there’s also something else to be said about New York. The city is unlike any other you will experience in the world, and its inner strength has endured good times and bad, and continues to flourish (somehow) to this day.

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