10 Reasons to Hate NYC

Living in the City can be a blast, I mean, it can be demanding, at times, or it may take you down from time to time, but surely, we all love living in NYC right? Well, there are a few minute details that may annoy at times. Too many to mention, in fact, but somehow, we all manage to live here in harmony, or at least in some way. Well, we’re alive, right?

But still, New York City provides you with a handful of first world problems that can break your spirit, break you back, and make you cry home for the good old days when you didn’t have to pay so much for coffee.

So which are the top first world problems we face (almost) every day in NYC?

Let’s Rant About Rent

Basically, in NYC you have two options: Or live in a tiny box and pay a fortune on it, or live two hour drive away from the city. Counterpoint: That’s true for almost any large metropoline.


If you’re lucky, here’s your flat credit: mybaijiale.com

Grocery Shopping is a One Man Show

This may suit lonely dwellers of the City, but basically, if you can only buy the amount of grocery that you can physically carry, it means you’re in for many lonely dinners, or many small jumps to the grocery shop. Or you just may want to get a personal assistant, or a personal full-time porter? Counterpoint: MMM… great excuse for some physical activity?  OK, you win; there isn’t a good side to THAT one.

cat in grocery bag

Is that all you got? credit: Tommy Hemmert Olesen\Flickr

Is That Urine Or Rain?

Need we say more? In stormy weather, you just can’t tell WHAT’S going with all these puddles on the streets. Counterpoint: Nope.

urine puddle

cretid: Dave Fltcher\Flickr

Street Fashion That Make You Feel Like a Hobo

After you finished playing the good ol’ “is that urine or rain?” game, you can move on to the “Chasidic Jew or Hipster?” game that will provide you with hours of fun and amusement. But seriously, we really hate the people that are dressed on a Monday way better than we do on our best day, damn you fashion people! Counterpoint: Being a shick person yourself, thus making everyone else feel bad about themselves.

Street Fashion NYC

credit: Tina Legio\flickr

Subway Smush

Never mind the homeless, rats and roaches, forget other people that eat strange-scenting food out of white Styrofoam boxes, never mind inevitable delays, weird liquids pouring in you from the top of the platform, all that remains even, any, but ANY subway ride will make your hair and makeup melt into an unrecognizable mush. So no matter how much time did you spend at home trying to make yourself dazzling, in the end, the One-Size-Fits-All “I’ve been in the subway” look will take over you like the rest of them.

Getting Lost and Lost Again

There’s no greater fun than standing in the middle of the sidewalk, suddenly knowing you have no clue where you’re going.

Cluelessness of Others

Having said that, as 8 million people try to make their way in the crowded streets of NYC, it is inevitable that at any given time some will stand in your way, you, you, the one that actually knows where his going.
Keanu reeves meme

He suddenly realized he’s going the wrong way.

Hype and Tourists

Yes, Time Square is a great place, I mean, well. Anyway, please stop buying all these little souvenirs and crowding the streets, please.

Times Square

credit: Jonas Nilsson\Flickr

Trash is Literally Everywhere

Good luck getting around, Tourists! All real New Yorkers prefer all their dinners with friends nights will start with the intoxicating aroma of garbage bags pouring down the streets.

trash bags

just another day on the sidewalk credit: Gavin Scaefer\Flickr

Keeping Clean is a Costly Thing

And if that’s not enough: Laundry. Need we say more?


credit: Wm Jas\Flickr

There are plenty more reasons to hate leaving in NYC, but you wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else, right?


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